Douglas County Buys State-of-the-Art Evidence Finder

Oct 17, 2013

Tracer Forensic Laser System
Credit Courtesy of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office

Investigators in Douglas County will be the first in the state to have the latest technology to identify physical evidence at crime scenes.

Greg Ashcraft, the lead identification technician for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, says it’s like Christmas is coming a couple of months early. In just a few weeks, he’ll be getting a Tracer Forensic Laser System.

You know how you see CSI folks on TV crime shows spraying something on an area and pointing a light? And then it fluoresces and shows the physical evidence?

Ashcraft says the laser system is even better. “With fingerprints, where we may could use some chemicals in the past, those fingerprints may fluoresce just a little bit," says Ashcraft. "But with the laser, it almost blinded you with how bright they fluoresced.”

The laser system costs about $50,000; the money is coming from assets the Sheriff’s Office has seized.