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Donald Glover's FX Series 'Atlanta' Debuts Tuesday

Sep 2, 2016

The TV show "Atlanta" debuts Tuesday night on FX. Filmed and set here, its creator is Atlanta native Donald Glover.

Glover was previously an actor on the TV program "Community," he was a writer on "30 Rock," and he raps as Childish Gambino.

He grew up in Stone Mountain and went to DeKalb School of the Arts

“I'm very excited about 'Atlanta,'” said Lynn Johnson, Glover’s high school English and creative writing teacher. “I will be watching for his visual imagery. He's going to push boundaries. I expect him to be symbolic, he'll layer his work. You don't have to watch for that if you don't want to because it's going to be an entertaining story without it.” 

Glover described "Atlanta" to Jimmy Fallon, on the "Tonight Show," as “'Twin Peaks,' but for rappers.”

The story follows two cousins as they navigate Atlanta's music scene.

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