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Delta Air Lines Says Computer Glitch Is Repaired

Jan 31, 2017

Delta Air Lines says its operations are back to normal following a systems outage Sunday that disrupted hundreds of flights.

The computer problem forced Delta to cancel roughly 300 domestic flights over the past two days.

Delta officials tweeted yesterday the tech issue was resolved and offered an apology to passengers who had to adjust their travel plans.

Airline Weekly analyst Seth Kaplan says the glitch, the second in less than 12 months, shouldn't have a long-term effect on the Atlanta-based carrier.

"When something goes wrong on Delta, customers aren't saying 'Oh gosh, not again on Delta,' in the same way that they would say with most other airlines because their experience with Delta generally these days is rather positive," Kaplan said.

Delta's computer problem in August resulted in more than 2,000 flight cancellations worldwide over a three-day period.

"Maybe the point is that it's amazing that it usually goes as well as it does, you know, rather than the fact that it fails some times. Overall, Delta continues running an extraordinarily reliable airline," Kaplan said.

United Airlines had its own similar tech glitch earlier this month.

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