DeKalb School Board Approves Organization Plan

Jan 24, 2013

  The DeKalb County school board approved a new school organization plan Wednesday. However, district officials say it’s not a redistricting plan.

Credit Martha Dalton/WABE News

Every five years, school districts are required to submit an updated facilities plan. Lillian Govus, a spokesperson for the DeKalb County schools, says it’s part of the state’s Capital Outlay program. 

“By giving them this proposed organization plan, what we’re doing is qualifying for up to $40 million  in reimbursements for Capital Outlay projects,” she says. 

The plan has been modified from an earlier draft. A proposal to expand elementary schools to include sixth grade has been eliminated. Although some schools will be closed, Govus says that’s related to construction needs, not redistricting.

“Before any redistricting occurs, there’s a series of community meetings that must happen and communication that must happen with families," Govus says, "But, there’s no redistricting on the table right now.”

The plan isn’t final. It will be assessed by the state next month and the state board of education will vote on it in June.