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DeKalb Residents Push To Annex Into Chamblee

Feb 14, 2017

The city of Chamblee might get a boost in population, if a grass-roots organization from unincorporated DeKalb County gets its wish.

“People want to have better representation, you know, and better governance,” says John Oselette, a member of the Chamblee Study Group.

On Thursday, Oselette and others from the Northlake and North Briarcliff areas will make the pitch to Chamblee officials.

The main goal is to get DeKalb County representatives to sponsor the issue so that it gets on a ballot that residents can vote on.

“We’ve got the property values, we’ve got commercial values, we’ve got opportunity for the city and the citizens to expand and be a more forceful municipality in the Atlanta region,” Oselette says.

There will be a number of public hearings on this issue.

“Well, we’ll need to do an evaluation of the service levels that will be required in this new area and that that would take in terms of the revenue that would be produced and the services that we would be providing,” said Chamblee City Manager Jon Walker.

Last year a larger effort to annex into Chamblee failed. If this effort succeeds, Chamblee's population would increase by about 12,000 people.

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