DeKalb Commissioner: "Where's the Audit?"

Jun 19, 2014

DeKalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon
Credit DeKalb County, GA

In April, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners voted to audit all spending by commissioners and their staffs for the past decade.

Two months later, there is no audit in the offing.

The County's Interim CEO, Lee May, has called for annual year-end audits starting this hear, but he says the resolution passed April 22 does not apply.

May says this is a different audit, passed by the Board of Commissioners, where he does not have a vote. “We are two separate branches, so they are conducting that,” said May.

Commissioner Kathie Gannon co-authored the resolution and met with city staffers about it. She calls the lack of action embarrassing. “It was supposedly on track and moving. And then, ‘Oh something happened here,’ and ‘Oh, something happened there,’” said Gannon. And our strong public statement was to do this as soon as possible, and it’s my understanding that they have not yet even gotten the bid out.”

This as three commissioners face ethics complaints for their spending. One of them is Sharon Barnes-Sutton. I asked her what is holding up the audit. “Perhaps there’s a misunderstanding,” said Barnes-Sutton, “But the last time I talked with the COO, who’s the executive assistant to the board and the CEO, he said ‘I’ll get right on it.”

The COO is Zach Williams. Williams did return calls for comment before deadline.