DeKalb Cityhood Groups Meeting Tonight with County Task Force

Jul 2, 2014

This map, dated March 2014, shows the proposed cities of Lakeside and Tucker.
Credit Lakeside City Alliance,

The proponents for three potential new cities in DeKalb County will bring their latest maps to a county operations task force tonight. For the groups, some things have changed, and some have not. 

Lakeside, Briarcliff and Tucker: when we left them, at the end of the legislative session, the last-minute Lakeside/Tucker map tinkering had left a taste in lawmakers’ mouths that stalled the bills, and Briarcliff had already been left in the dust.

The head of the Lakeside group, Mary Kay Woodworth, thinks tonight’s meeting is a waste of time and money, saying, “It is somewhat of a stalling mechanism for DeKalb County just to throw up another committee, another task force to study and spend more money to create a report that will slow down the cityhood effort.”

Her group has a new name: “Lakeside YES.” Woodworth says it has moved from nonprofit status to an advocacy group. However, But Lakeside’s map has not moved. The group is using the map that closed the legislative session with Lakeside in control of what has always been the most coveted real estate in the dispute between the groups: Northlake Mall.

Tucker is rolling back its map to before the last-minute deal: which means the mall is also in its boundaries. Tucker 2014’s spokesman, Frank Auman, says his group is just waiting on Lakeside and Briarcliff to strike a deal.

And guess what? Northlake is still in Briarcliff’s map too, says Allen Venet, but he also told WABE, “We know that our map has to change.”

All of the groups indicated they want to cooperate with each other, but there is no sign yet of any lines on any of those maps budging an inch.