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Dade County Cancels Class As Flu Surges In Georgia

Feb 24, 2017

Schools in Dade County are closed for a second day after 20 percent of students called in sick this week, making Dade the second North Georgia school district this year to close due to outbreaks of influenza and norovirus.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports classes in the district were canceled Thursday and Friday.

Dade Middle School was missing 42 percent of its students Wednesday. Superintendent Jan Harris says more than 20 percent of bus drivers and 10 percent of faculty were also out sick.

Dade is using guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to clean schools while they are empty.

Earlier this month, Walker County Schools, which neighbors Dade and some Tennessee counties, canceled two class days after more than 1,000 students called in sick and about 350 checked out early. The district also had 33 bus drivers and 80 teachers too ill to work.

Georgia is hardly alone in battling viral outbreaks. Schools in 15 states have canceled class this month due to outbreaks of influenza. The virus is widespread in 46 states and Puerto Rico, according to the CDC.

The flu and norovirus are highly contagious viruses. To prevent their spread, the CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water after using the bathroom and before handling food, disinfecting surfaces and not sharing food, drinks or utensils.