Curbed Editor: Atlanta's Walkable Future Means Paid Parking

Dec 1, 2015

Free parking might be disappearing from intown Atlanta neighborhoods and Michael Kahn, an editor with Curbed Atlanta and architect at Rosser International, says that's a good thing.

Kahn joined Stephannie Stokes to discuss a a recent post he penned for Curbed Atlanta titled "Dear Atlanta: Just Shut Up and Pay for Your Parking." He wrote it in response to the recent public outcry over Ponce City Market's decision to charge for parking.

Kahn argues that paying for parking is a cost residents must accept if Atlanta is to transition from a car-centric city to one that is more dense and walkable. 

"Your car costs x amount of money to operate with gas and insurance. Parking is just another one of those components that is a reality of living in the city," Kahn said. "You don't have free parking in major cities, New York, London, Paris."