Crowds Fill the Streets of Castleberry Hill for FLUX Night

Oct 8, 2012

Over the weekend, the downtown Atlanta neighborhood of Castleberry Hill hosted its third annual Flux Night. Flux is a public arts event featuring light and sound installations, dance performances, gallery exhibits and more. Aleck Ragsdale has this report.

Located just a mile from the capitol building, the artistic neighborhood of Castleberry Hill can feel like it’s hidden away from the rest of downtown Atlanta.  But on Saturday night, Thousands of people flooded the streets to experience sight and sounds around every corner. One of the attendees was 32 year old artist Peter Ferrari. He was surprised at just how much there was to see.

“That would be the only issue; that’s it’s almost so much that it’s hard to take all in at the same time. Despite all that, it’s a fabulous thing. We need to do more of these things. We need to do one in the Fourth Ward, we need one in the Highlands. We need on in Inman Park, and Castleberry Hill, and Adair Park or wherever we’re at”.

One of the many installation pieces involved 50 foot lengths of piano wire strung across a courtyard and up to a 4 story parking deck. They were hooked up to an amplifier creating ominous space like sounds

For WABE News, I’m Aleck Ragsdale