Congressman Price Hopeful About Budget Negotiations

Mar 12, 2013

As federal budget battles continue, Georgia Congressman Tom Price says he’s hopeful Congress can reach a resolution.

At a Chamblee event, Congressman Price says he’s encouraged by President Obama’s recent efforts to reach out to House Republicans.

“We’re pleased to see the change in tone out of the administration. For years, the President has been reluctant to even engage Republicans in a positive discussion, and over the past ten days we’ve seem to have seen a change in his tenor.”


The President has said both parties will have to give ground to undo recent painful spending cuts and to prevent a partial government shutdown. Price wants Senate Democrats to agree to reforms of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

“Social security goes bankrupt in the 2030s, Medicaid doesn’t work for states, we’re seeing that over and over, so we hope they will put out a positive solution like House Republicans have put on the table.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are concerned about a House Republican plan which calls for sweeping changes to Medicare and the repeal of the 2009 federal health care law.