Concussion Bill Passes Senate and House

Mar 27, 2013

Georgia lawmakers pass legislation aimed toward protecting student-athletes.
Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The state senate approved a bill calling for student-athletes to be pulled from games if it appears they may have suffered a concussion.

Health officials say glossing over possible brain injuries can be a deadly mistake.

"When you suffer these symptoms or these signs after a blow to the head, you've got to let somebody know, because if you don't, the next hit could be fatal," says Dr. David Marshall, Medical Director of the Sports Medicine Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The bill, which passed by a 49-to-3 vote, calls for schools to come up with a policy aimed toward protecting student-athletes from traumatic brain injuries.

Marshall says it's simple: when in doubt, pull them out.

Paul Hall, the athletic director of the Marietta City Schools supports the bill.

"I think it was due.....when it comes to the safety of our athletes, I think everything needs to be taken into consideration."

The bill already passed the House.  It is now heading to Governor Nathan Deal.