Cobb County Employees Receive Pay Boost

Nov 28, 2012

Cobb County employees will receive a pay boost in time for the holidays. County Commissioners voted 4 to 1 for a three percent pay increase. Commissioner JoAnn Birrell says the county’s more than 4,000 employees deserve a raise after going five years without an increase.


“It will help improve morale. I think it sends a stronger message to our employees that we do value them and their loyalty and dedication, and I think it will help keep them in Cobb rather than going out somewhere else that maybe offers them a little more.”

Commissioner Bob Ott was the lone dissenter. He agreed employees should receive higher pay but wanted to give them a one-time bonus instead. Ott voted against the increase because he’s worried about how the impending fiscal cliff or a potential federal tax increase will impact the county.

“It might not directly affect the county operations, but it clearly could affect the citizens in the county. And when you start affecting their pocketbooks you affect their spending, which could impact the county as a whole.”

But Commission Chairman Tim Lee says Ott’s fears are unfounded.

“This pay raise actually helps employees, because it will help offset some of the impact that might occur individually as a result of the increase in taxes that they may have to incur as a result of the fiscal cliff.”

Employees will start receiving the pay boost in December.