Cobb County Considers Allowing Backyard Chickens On Smaller Lots

Jan 22, 2013

Cobb County could soon allow backyard chickens for those living on smaller lots.

The county’s board of commissioners will hold the first of two public hearings Tuesday evening on a special land use permit that would allow homeowners living on less than two acres to house chickens.

Backyard Chicken Alliance founder Joseph Pond is part of a growing movement of those seeking to own backyard chickens.

Joseph Pond of the Backyard Chicken Alliance
Credit Backyard Chicken Alliance

“I can go out in my backyard and pick up an egg that was just laid. The nutritional value of fresh eggs is much higher.

Pond has fought for the right since the county made him remove a dozen hens from his half acre lot in 2011 after his neighbor complained.

“We should have the right to do as we wish on our own property.”

So in response, the county’s planning commission has proposed a special permit for chicken ownership.

But commissioners could decide to limit the number of chickens based on lot size.

Pond says that’s not fair.

“If I can have 15 to 20 dogs in my backyard without the county coming in and checking it out or over, why can’t I have a hen or a duck?”

Pond also says a non-refundable $1,000 permit application fee is too costly.

A county spokesman says the county’s director of community development plans to recommend a reduction in the fee.

Those opposed to the changes have complained about things such as noise, odor and nuisance caused by  chickens.