Cobb County to Allow Some Homeowners to Keep Backyard Chickens

Feb 28, 2013

Some Cobb County residents who live on smaller lots can soon house female chickens on their property. This week the county commission voted 3 to 2 to allow homeowners living on less than two acres to house hens on their property.

Under the ordinance, those wishing to have hens on their property will have to apply to county zoning officials to seek what’s called a variance.  If they’re granted the right, residents can keep one hen per 5,000 square feet. Backyard Chickens Alliance founder Joseph Pond is pleased with the change. He’s been fighting for the right since 2011 when the county made him remove a dozen hens from his half acre lot.

“About hour ago it really hit me, the euphoria of being part of the process of changing a law in a county with 700,000 people.”

Credit Backyard Chickens Alliance

Still Pond says he hopes the county eventually allows residents to keep ducks, roosters and other poultry on smaller lots.

“Hopefully this will be a first step and once the community warms up to the idea we can expand.”

Under the law, those applying to keep hens on their property will have to get reactions from their neighbors and post a sign on their property saying they’re applying for the right. If the county grants them the privilege, residents would have to follow several rules. Those rules include maintaining the hens in a fenced area, ensuring they’re not a nuisance and taking steps to eliminate odor and pollution. County officials say residents can start applying for the right on March 13.