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Closer Look: Suwanee Mayor; Noise Regulations; And More

Oct 25, 2016

Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

  • 0:00: Suwanee Mayor Jimmy Burnette talks about the top issues for residents in his area as part of an ongoing series of conversations with Atlanta area mayors;
  • 20:26: A referendum on the ballot in College Park asks whether the city should urge Congress and the FAA to draft new noise regulations. The move comes as an air traffic modernization plan, known as NextGen, moves forward. Its GPS-based technology allows more precision in the air, which means planes need less space between them to take off and land. That precision also means more noise for those who live directly below the flight path. "Closer Look" host Jim Burress talks with College Park residents about the ballot initiative;
  • 36:10: Tasnim Shamma reports on Tokhir Radjabov, a Muslim candidate running to represent State House District 108;
  • 40:49: Voters in Southeast DeKalb give their opinions on whether or not to create the city of Stonecrest.

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