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Closer Look: Minority Contractor Rules; Drug Theft; And More

Mar 15, 2016

Tuesdays on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

  • 0:00: Legal analyst Page Pate evaluates the campus sexual assault misconduct policy legislation recently approved by the Georgia Board of Regents;
  • 15:59: As part of the WABE series “Advancing Atlanta: Education,” Martha Dalton reports on a Gwinnett middle school that seems to have found a way to get kids excited about coming to class;
  • 20:41: Guiomar Obregón, CEO and co-founder of Precision 2000, and Alejandro Coss, president of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, talk about new rules on minority contractors with the city of Atlanta;
  • 39:48: Kimberly New, founder of Diversion Specialists, talks about pharmaceutical theft in the wake of a case in which Emory Healthcare was fined for employee drug theft;
  • 49:56: Candace Wheeler talks about Primary Day, the Ides of March, President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination decision, payment by selfie and the canonization of Mother Theresa in today’s “Trending” segment
  • 55:03: Molly Samuel reports on offshore oil drilling updates;
  • 1:00:42: Klaudio and Ana Kucelin remember their daughter Bianka, who died from a brain tumor at five years old, in this week’s edition of “StoryCorps Atlanta.”