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Closer Look: Exonerated Man; Help For Veterans; And More

Nov 10, 2015

Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

00:00: Rose Scott and Jim Burress remember longtime WABE contributor Cliff Kuhn, who died early Sunday morning after suffering a heart attack;
2:43: Emory student Andrew Wilson, who is taking time off from school in hopes of qualifying to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, talks about his training and goals;
13:10: In StoryCorps Atlanta, Richard Hubert says he never intended to get into show business, but he unexpectedly found himself starring in a Wheaties commercial;
17:07: Atlanta teacher, author and local mom Abby Norman discusses an editorial she wrote for The Huffington Post titled "Why White Parents Won't Choose Black Schools";
31:03: Producer Candace Wheeler talks about what's trending, including a World Anti-Doping Agency report, the end of Sony Betamax tapes and Crayola coloring books for adults;
35:40: Marjorie Morrison of the PsychArmor Institute, which provides training and support to veterans and their caregivers, discusses the relationship between civilians and members of the military;
53:00: Timothy Johnson, who was in jail for 29 years for a crime he was later found not guilty of, and his lawyer Zahra Karinshak talk about his life and recent lawsuit.