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Closer Look: Criminal Justice Reform For Juveniles

Aug 8, 2017

Tuesday on this special edition of "Closer Look with Rose Scott," we focus on criminal justice reform for juveniles:

  • 0:00: In Georgia there are 25 inmates serving life, without parole, for crimes committed as minors, according to the Associated Press. Pauline Arrillaga, U.S. enterprise editor for the AP, tells us more about the series "Locked Up For Life," which examines how different states are addressing life sentences for young offenders.
  • 18:30: We learn about the racial disparities in juvenile life sentencing cases. Also, a look at Georgia's guidelines from The Sentencing Project, an advocacy center working to reduce the use of incarceration in the U.S. and addresses racial disparities in the criminal justice system. Ashley Nellis, senior research analyst at The Sentencing Project, tells us more. She recently authored a report called "Life Sentences, Long Sentences Imposed on Youth Need 2nd Look."
  • 32:14: Georgia is among three states with significant developments regarding juvenile justice reforms, as highlighted by the Pew Charitable Trusts.
  • 40:25: The Atlanta Police Foundation has a program called At-Promise, which helps keep young people out of the criminal justice system through mentorship. Aaron Nicholson, manager of youth programs, with At-Promise tells us more about the program's initiatives.

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