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Closer Look: Bike Sharing Study; Lassa Fever; And More

Mar 16, 2016

Wednesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

  • 0:00: Rose Scott and Jim Burress give the latest on proposed legislation as this legislative session winds down this week;
  • 4:04: Elliott Martin of the Mineta Transportation Institute talks about new study on bike sharing and traditional bike riding;
  • 16:48: Commentator Maria Saporta gives her take on the Atlanta City Council’s decision to honor The Atlanta Inquirer and its publisher;
  • 18:39: Donald Schwarz, vice president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, gives a preview of the seventh annual county health rankings and how counties in Georgia compare;
  • 31:14: Candace Wheeler talks about the latest presidential primary, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, an American student’s harsh punishment in North Korea and a change to Instagram feeds in today’s “Trending” segment;
  • 35:43: Jeff Delp, director of Economic Development for the Carver Neighborhood Market, discusses initiatives to get healthier food choices for recipients of the food stamps program;
  • 49:46: Emory infectious disease physician Dr. Aneesh Mehta talks about a patient currently at Emory Hospital with Lassa Fever, and how he and his team are helping the patient recover;
  • 56:17: "Marketplace Tech" host Ben Johnson talks to Rose Scott and Jim Burress about innovations, start-ups and other trending news and newsmakers at Austin’s South by Southwest conference.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that bike sharing is more dangerous than traditional bike riding. The collision rates are actually lower among bicycle sharing users. WABE regrets the error.