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Clarkston Refugees Celebrate Thanksgiving

Nov 19, 2012

The Clarkston community in East Atlanta is a growing hub for immigrants and refugees, many of whom, have only just arrived to the United States. 

The International Rescue Committee is one of several non-profit organizations who work to give these immigrants a step-up. Over the weekend the IRC held their 11th annual Thanksgiving feast for these refugees. Aleck Ragsdale has this look.

Around 80 people were in the gymnasium St. Timothy’s United Methodist church to enjoy the feast set-up along the side of the basketball court. 41 year old Muhamed Ali Abdelrahman Abuelhassan of Sudan has only been in the United States for one month. He says that getting to share in this American tradition with so many new people is a wonderful experience.

“I love all the people here. I want to meet the different people from many countries; to love people and say thank you for helping me”.

Aside from the feast, the tables were also lined with packets of seeds for guests to take with them and start vegetable gardens in their own communities.

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