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City To Reimagine Atlanta Transportation In New Plan

Feb 17, 2017

Atlanta is coming up with a new vision for transportation in the city. This time, officials want to reimagine how Atlantans get around.

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For example, Courtland Street in downtown Atlanta is a wide one-way road, almost like a highway. Planning Commissioner Tim Keane said streets like that were designed to get cars through town as quickly as possible.

He said, if the city’s going to keep growing in population, that has to change.

“We can’t do that anymore,” Keane said. “So it’s going to shift now to how do we enable safe, enjoyable, local trips.”

That might mean narrower roads, wider sidewalks or shorter traffic light times. Keane said, those are all going to be priorities in Atlanta’s new transportation plan.

However, the city does want community input as it develops the vision. Public meetings are scheduled all around Atlanta next week.

The city created its last transportation plan in 2008.