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The Case of the Ten Dollar Art Mystery

Oct 4, 2011

There's a mystery going around. Host John Lemley received an envelope earlier this year containing three puzzling things: a cryptic letter with a clue on it, a slip of paper with a quotation of some sort, and a ten-dollar bill. As the months wore on, other people began receiving similar letters, including WABE's Kate Sweeney, who decided it was time a few of the recipients got together to hash out this mystery.

UPDATE: This mystery was solved when the perpetrator stepped forward in 2012. To hear WABE's story on that, click here.

You can read more about Narrative Urge, the enigmatic force behind the Ten Dollar Art Mystery project, and about the project itself here and here. And if you'd like to try your hand at solving some of the clues yourself, check out this site.