CARE Provides Assistance to Syrian Refugees

Sep 10, 2013

President Obama will deliver a prime time address on Syria Tuesday evening. In the meantime, a humanitarian organization headquartered in Atlanta is providing assistance to those fleeing the country in large numbers.

CARE President and CEO Helene Gayle says the Syrian crisis is one of the worst humanitarian emergencies the organization has faced in decades.

“There are almost seven million people in need of assistance, there’s two million refugees that have fled to neighboring countries like Jordan and Lebanon, and one of the things about this particularly crisis is that this is a crisis that is primarily affecting women and children. Three quarters of the two million refugees who have fled have been women and children.”

Credit CARE

As a result, CARE is providing aid to Syrian refugees, primarily those in Jordan and Lebanon.

“In Jordan we’ve reached about 150,000 Syrians with basic support, things like cash assistance to pay for their existence, to pay for things like rent and food.”

And as more Syrians flee, CARE is continuing to scale up its efforts in neighboring countries. Those efforts include providing basic necessities such as food, medical and emergency supplies.