Bulldogs and Gators Meet Again

Oct 26, 2012

The Georiga-Florida college football rivalry dates back to 1915.

The Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Florida Gators for their annual football showdown.

The Gators are currently ranked as the second best team in the country.

This means they are in the mix to play for the national championship, but Stephen Black from Score Atlanta Sports Magazine says don’t count out Georgia.

“If you win the SEC east even with one loss, it’s been proven that you’re going to make the national title game which gives that team a chance to play Alabama or whoever the west winner is going to be for a chance to go to the national title game.”

He says when the Gators and Bulldogs meet in Jacksonville, Florida…there’s an even match-up on the field.

“Georgia can throw the football, they can move the ball. They’ve moved the ball on everyone this year except South Carolina. The key for Florida is turnovers. Their defense creates a ton of turnovers and their special team makes big plays.”

And that may give the Gators the edge says Black.

He predicts a Florida win 20 to 17.