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Brookhaven Run-Offs Set for Tuesday

Dec 3, 2012

Voters in Brookhaven will go to the polls Tuesday, December 4, to elect most of the members of their new city council: mayor and three of four city council positions.

No one in those races got 50% of the vote in November which forced the run-offs.

Once the council and mayor are in place, the new city government will have two big jobs to complete in relatively short order: choosing the location of a Brookhaven City Hall and selecting private vendors who will provide most city services.

In preparation, a five-member state panel, appointed by Governor Nathan Deal, has been studying proposals. Panel chairman Ben Vinson tells WABE that, by January 1st, the information technology and finance functions should be in place. But it will take up to six months to organize a police force.

DeKalb County will continue to provide Brookhaven with many services including fire-fighting, garbage, water, and sewer and will continue to use the county’s school, library, and courts systems.

With approximately 49,000 residents, Brookhaven will become DeKalb County’s largest city.