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Bloody Valentines Presents Evening Of Murder Ballads

Feb 9, 2017

Valentine’s Day is next week and love songs are sure to be everywhere. But one group of Atlanta musicians is offering an alternative. The annual Bloody Valentines show is returning to the EARL and will be performing a mix of murder ballads, songs of obsession and love-gone-wrong.

The creators of the show, which has been happening annually since 2015, aim to go against the grain of typical Valentine's events.

"I've always wanted to do an evening of murder ballads," singer Aileen Loy, who will perform in the show, tells City Lights host Lois Reitzes.

"Valentine's is a big day for a lot of people," producer Mike Katinsky said, citing the pressure to be in a relationship associated with the holiday. "The idea of doing an evening that might not have that kind of pressure ... it's a fun, low-pressure time and everybody can sort of laugh about it."

The show includes traditional murder ballads such as "Knoxville Girl" and "Stagger Lee," as well as music by contemporary artists like The Black Keys, Nick Cave, and the Decemberists. In addition to the music, the show also includes some theatrical interpretation of the songs, including plenty of fake blood, as one might imagine.

"It's strawberry-flavored," Katinsky said, "it is completely washable, but we will have a Tide stick at the bar if anyone needs it."

Bloody Valentines takes place at the EARL Feb. 10.

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