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Bill To Legalize Ga. Marijuana Growth Gets First Hearing

Jan 25, 2016

A bill that would allow limited in-state growth of marijuana for medical use gets its first hearing Monday at the Georgia Capitol. 

Republican Rep. Allen Peake's bill calls on the state to license between two and six manufacturers to produce all medical cannabis in Georgia. It would also expand the number of conditions and diseases that would qualify someone for medical cannibus use.  Peake has said the bill is based off of Minnesota’s model for growth and registry.

At Monday's hearing, only those in favor of the bill will get a chance to speak. Those against it will get their chance at a following meeting. 

More than 100 house members have signed onto the bill, so it has healthy support from the lower-chamber's lawmakers. However, the bill is sure to face resistance down the road, as the governor, law enforcement and a task force exploring in-state growth have voiced opposition. 

The bill is a follow-up to Peake’s effort last year. His bill, which was signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal, legalized the use and position of oil-based marijuana for individuals with eight medical conditions.

While Georgians with some medical conditions are allowed to have cannabis, bringing the drugs across state lines into Georgia remains a federal offense.