Authorities Raid Home of DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis

Jan 7, 2013

DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis

Authorities earlier today raided the home of DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis while he testified before a grand jury investigating county watershed operations.

Convened early in 2012, the grand jury is looking into allegations involving county watershed employees who were accused of accepting bribes from prospective contractors.

In a press conference, Ellis said he was unsure of what authorities may have been looking for, but says he and his staff have been fully cooperative with investigators.

“I have not done anything that I’m aware of, and nor has my staff done anything that I’m aware of, that is inappropriate,” said Ellis. 

No word yet on what investigators collected from Ellis home.

Ellis said he was “perplexed” as to why authorities chose to raid his house while he was testifying before the grand jury.

“I’m not sure why they chose to do it this way but they did and so they have that right and we will continue to be fully cooperative.”

Last year, DeKalb fired two watershed employees for an alleged scheme involving kickbacks and bid-rigging related to an upcoming overhaul of the county’s stormwater and sewage system.