Audit of DeKalb Schools Reveals Weak Financial Oversight

Jan 2, 2013

A recent audit of the Dekalb County Schools says, among other things, that employees violated purchasing policies and spent more than $ 200 million without school board approval.

The audit was conducted by accounting firm KPMG and cites several examples of financial mismanagement. It’s the latest in a string of missteps for the district. And some Dekalb parents are growing increasingly frustrated. Kirk Lunde is the parent of a Dekalb County middle school student.

“Money is missing from accounts; money is unaccounted for and it leads to distrust, you know, incredible frustration and distrust,” he says.

Lunde says he’s one of more than 560 Dekalb parents who have signed an online petition urging the governor and the state board of education to replace the entire Dekalb school board.

“It’s a starting point," Lunde says, "And it has to start somewhere, even though that will not solve the problems.”

At a hearing on Jan. 17, the state board can decide whether to recommend that action to Governor Deal.