Audio 'Archaeologist' Brings Old Recordings Back to Life

Feb 18, 2014

People like Alan Lomax and Art Rosenbaum have made names for themselves by traveling all over the country—and even all over the world—to collect rare old music recordings. And record labels like Atlanta’s Dust to Digital have made names for themselves by reissuing those recordings in compact disc form. But what comes between? What of the guy who takes those old, scratchy recordings, and restores them to sound as close as possible to being in the same room with the musician?

'Most of the time, I'm working with musicians who are deceased. And I always think about: They are here with me, and I'm trying to serve them.'

 That’s how  Michael Graves, owner of Osiris Studio, makes his living. WABE’s Kate Sweeney paid a visit to the Grammy Award-winning audio restoration engineer to find out a about how he does his job—and brought back this sound portrait.