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Atlanta’s Public Art Program Living Walls Begins New Chapter

Jun 1, 2016

Atlanta's Living Walls went on a hiatus last year, and now, they are back.

The initiative is responsible for many murals around Atlanta. From 2010 to 2014, artists from around the world were invited to create public art on the streets of Atlanta. There was also a yearly conference on urbanism and street art. 

Living Walls' founder and executive director Monica Campana spent her year off in Philadelphia, working for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program’s huge public art project, Open Source.

“They are very trusted by their city and totally embraced and loved,” said Campana. “People in office understand the value that public art brings to a city. When you talk about Philadelphia, you cannot not mention Mural Arts because it’s so engraved in the fabric of that city."

A lot of what Campana learned from her experience working with Open Source was that to have impactful public art, you need more funding.

“We are under the impression, with $20,000, you can do a huge project, and the thing is, no, you can’t,” said Campana.  

Charging forward in its new chapter, “Living Walls 2.0,” as Campana called it, has announced a new grant in remembrance of their programming director, Laura Calle, who passed away last year. Living Walls will also partner with the National Center for Center and Human Rights to create a mural there.

More summer projects will be announced later, but Campana said she is focusing on creating more intentional, impactful programming.