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Atlanta Playwright Finds Her 'Rah' With Punk Ukulele Musical

May 15, 2017

If you've ever wanted to scream, quit your job, and start a punk ukulele band, Synchronicity Theatre has a show about exactly that. "Hannah Cremation + The Ash" is opening for two nights of performances this week.

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The show is a rock musical about two women coming together to find, as the creators put it, their "RAH!" – that inner core that turns disappointment and frustration into creative energy, and centers on the rise of punk rock star Hannah Cremation. Cremation begins the show as mild mannered Hannah Cream, a ukulele strumming thirty-something with a deadbeat boyfriend and a dead-end job.

"An aspiring musician who sort of stopped aspiring gets mad," playwright Rebekah Suellau explains. "And she finds the angriest girl in the world on the street. And just like that, a punk thing is born."

This "angriest girl," the 19-year-old Ash, is played by music director Sarah Beth Moseley. She says her character's bucket-beating anarchist drummer has "completely revolted against the machine."

"There are parts of Ash that are just me," Moseley says. "Though I am not on the streets, banging on a bucket drum, I think we all have that internal rage of wanting to go against the system."

It's that mix of Ash's youthful rage and Hannah's newfound empowerment that creates both the energy and the tension between the two kindred spirits who are over a decade apart in age. 

"The show is really about the balance between structure and chaos – between shouting and making yourself heard and also listening," Suellau says. "We start [Hannah and Ash] at such polar opposites that they fill it in for one another. Being a part of a system is not the worst thing in the world because that's the only way we receive and that's the only way we contribute." 

"Hannah Cremation + The Ash" is open at Synchronicity Theatre for two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday May 16 and 17 at 8 p.m. Admission is free.