Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Sails to Re-Election

Nov 6, 2013

Mayor Kasim Reed delivers his victory speech as former mayor and Reed mentor Andrew Young sits and looks on.

As expected, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed sailed to re-election last night, defeating three little-known opponents by roughly 80 points.

Speaking at a downtown Hyatt before several hundred supporters, Reed said he was humbled and honored.

“Tonight we won every precinct, every neighborhood, every quadrant of the city of Atlanta,” said Reed.

He touted the accomplishments of his first term, including adding 700 police officers, balancing the budget every year without raising property taxes, and overhauling the city’s pension system.

“It’s undeniable that we are a stronger, more prosperous city than we were four years ago today,” said Reed.

He thanked his city and campaign staff, as well as his mentor, former mayor Andrew Young, who spoke at the event earlier. Reed then switched focus to his second term.

“Our next step is to make Atlanta the center of logistics in the Western Hemisphere. Our next step is to grow smart start-up companies in Atlanta, making it a vibrant center of technology and innovation. Our next step is to rebuild our roads, bridges, and greenspaces,” said Reed.

He'll take those next steps with many of the city council members from his first term. However, two allies of his were upset - H. Lamar Willis and Aaron Watson.