Atlanta Falcons Stadium Details To Come This Monday

Dec 7, 2012

A deal for a new Atlanta Falcons stadium could be in place.

Monday morning, a top Falcons official and the head of the Georgia World Congress Center Authority are expected to talk.

Atlanta Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay
Credit Atlanta Falcons

Rich McKay is the Falcons’ President and CEO. Frank Poe is the Authority’s executive director. Along with lawyers, McKay and Poe have privately negotiated a stadium deal. But, on Monday, the two will be together in public to talk to reporters.

McKay and Poe are expected to talk about the public-private partnership behind a new stadium.  Other topics include a summary of the stadium’s proposed business terms as well as site considerations. Previously, an Authority spokeswoman said the new stadium would be built either just north or just south of the Georgia Dome.

Late last month, both sides were trying to figure out who would pay for and manage the new stadium’s capital improvement projects. Other sticking points were the future of the Georgia Dome site after it’s torn down and how much the Falcons would pay as part of a new lease.