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Atlanta Comedian Gets Honest On 'Journey To The Bachelor'

Nov 22, 2016

There are a number of things that could reasonably be expected when a stand-up comedian starts a blog. But for it to be a fiercely feminist, self-critical catalog of thoughts on marriage, weight loss, health and her own faults is pretty extraordinary.

Atlanta stand-up comedian Jen Lenny's blog, “Journey to the Bachelor,” has featured some arresting writing as of late, deconstructing the layers of thought behind her desire to get married, her addiction to fast food, and her medical problems.

The original intent of the blog was an avenue for Lenny to get on the reality television show "The Bachelor" as a contestant. 

"I kept watching 'The Bachelor,' and I kept seeing all these women selling themselves, like you would on television," Lenny told City Lights host Lois Reitzes, "And I was like 'I wanna do that.'"

But addressing the turn that the blog has taken toward raw honesty, Lenny said that she has received an outpouring of support from the stand-up community.

"I definitely can't do this is in stand-up comedy," she said. "Posting it to a blog is easy. You just throw it up there and disappear."

"Women are told to look a certain way, and we kinda believe that," Lenny explained, "so then the way we feel about ourselves goes to the other end of the spectrum.

"When I started 'Journey to the Bachelor," I was kind of over the rhetoric of 'I accept myself and I love myself.' I was kinda like 'you know what, I choose not to like myself, and to be disappointed in myself sometimes, and to strive to be better.'"

Jen Lenny is appearing at the event "Samm and Jenn Can't Even Christmas" Dec. 16 at the Music Room.

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