Atlanta Braves Warn Fans of Counterfeit Tickets

The Atlanta Braves are heading into the 2013 postseason.
Credit Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are heading to the postseason this fall, hoping to win the World Series for the first time since 1995.

But winning the Fall Classic isn't the only issue the team is  focused on.

Officials with the Braves are warning fans about crooks trying to make a fast buck.

"If someone is trying to sell you a ticket off-line somewhere for a lot less price than face value, I can guarantee you that's a counterfeit ticket, or it was stolen.  And you definitely don't want to buy that," says Paul Adams, the vice president of ticket sales.

Adams says it's always safe to buy tickets at Turner Field, or on the team's website.

Major League Baseball is also keeping a close eye out for scalpers selling fake passes.

"Especially as we get to the World Series, there will be sting operations throughout looking for counterfeit tickets," says Adams.

Although he's obviously biased, Adams says there's a major buzz around the team this season.

"It's just been a real fun year.  I think they're ready to move beyond that Wild Card loss last year," says Adams.

Braves tickets to the National League Championship Series go on sale later this week.