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'Atlanta' Awards Prove South Still Has Something To Say

Jan 18, 2017

"Atlanta" won two Golden Globe Awards. Not the city — which isn't to say we don't deserve it — but the television series helmed by writer, actor and musician Donald Glover.

The show follows the exploits of Earn Marks, played by Glover, as he navigates the city's hip-hop scene, managing his rapper cousin who goes by the name Paperboy. The program has earned critical praise for its first season, and now from the Golden Globes.

In his acceptance speech after winning in the Best Television Series category, Glover thanked "black folks in Atlanta ... just for being alive ... and being amazing people." He went on to thank Atlanta rap group Migos for their song "Bad and Boujee," which the actor called "the best song ever."

"It was like a remix of what Andre [3000 of Outkast] said originally in '95: 'The South got something to say,'" says Armstong State University professor Dr. Regina Bradley. "It's like, 'The South's got something to say ... still.'"

Bradley notes that "Atlanta" gaining popularity and taking home multiple wins at the Golden Globes is an important event in Southern black culture. 

"They're presenting a particular type of South that decentralizes white folks," she says. "It's not dissing white folks, it's just: 'Let me show you what my interpretation of what a Southern city means outside of this white experience.'"

Season 2 of "Atlanta" has been delayed and is slated to air in 2018 due to Glover's production schedule, which includes a forthcoming Star Wars role as Lando Calrissian.

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