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Atlanta Artist Makes Waves With 'No Here More Than Here'

Sep 29, 2015

Things are about to get considerably noisier at one Atlanta art gallery. This week, artist Dana Haugaard opens “No Here More Than Here,” a sound and sculptural installation at the Mint Gallery. 

In the exhibit, viewer's voices are amplified and used to vibrate a metal water table, creating ripples and patterns. It invites the audience to actually have a physical effect on the artwork.

Ripples on the surface of the water are caused by human voices in the exhibit.
Credit Myke Johns

"I think a lot about presence," Haugaard says, "and what it feels like to be in a place, physically and emotionally and thoughtfully. [There are] all kinds of screens and stimulation out in this world that’s meant to take you out and beyond where we are. It’s really important to me to remember that I am a physical thing in this place. That we are here together doing something real is a very beautiful and important thing to remember."

"No Here More Than Here” opens at the Mint Gallery Friday and is on view through Nov. 22.