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Armstrong University Offers Course On Outkast

Jan 23, 2017

Not every college course features "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" on its syllabus. But one class being taught now at Armstrong State University in Savannah does.

Dr. Regina Bradley, who is assistant professor of English there, is teaching a course on Atlanta rap group Outkast. Since word of the course has spread, it has caught the attention of a number of media outlets, including The Root, Ebony Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

The class is called "Outkast and the Rise of the Hip Hop South," and Bradley says it is meant to study how we may be able to use Outkast's work as a way of looking at hip hop's influence and intervention in Southern African-American culture in the years following the Civil Rights movement. 

"So basically pairing their music with literature, and kind of thinking through this idea of storytelling," Bradley said.

Bradley said she hopes the course will challenge student's ideas of culture and complicating assumptions of what popular culture can do.

"Normally, we think of a text as something between two covers, but music is a text," she said.

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