APS Board Looks To Extend Superintendent's Contract

Sep 26, 2012

The chairman of the Atlanta Board of Education is pushing to extend the contract of current Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Erroll Davis for up to two years.

But it’s not clear if the other eight board members agree on the way the process is being handled.

Reuben McDaniel says Erroll Davis has done a fine job in leading the school district through some tough times.

“I think Davis has come in and done the specific things we’ve asked him to do around the cheating scandal and around being on accredited probation.”

McDaniel chairs the Atlanta Board of Education.

He says extending the superintendent’s contract would allow Davis to continue transforming APS into a stable district.

“As he got into the work that he was asked to do, he recognized that there were several foundational support items around systems that he could he really be helpful in strengthening that would make the school system a better platform for whoever ultimately was the next superintendent.”

Chairman Reuben McDaniel says the Atlanta Board of Education should vote on extending Erroll Davis' contract as school superintendent sometime in October.

Last week the board could have voted to offer Davis the extension but several members left a special called meeting before any action could be taken.

Three members who asked to remain anonymous told WABE they have no problem with the contract extension but claim McDaniel keeps the board in the dark about many decisions.

One member said McDaniel is running a dictatorship and not a democracy.

McDaniel refutes that claim.

“There is no such thing as dictatorship on a nine member board,” said the chairman.

Rueben McDaniel downplays any notion there’s dissension on the board.

“I feel good about where are for a board. I think the tension we have is the proper level of tension. Because what you wouldn’t want is a board that kind of just falls in line and just does what one person or two and three people say we ought to do or even what the superintendent says ought to do.”

McDaniel says the board should vote on extending Erroll Davis’ contract sometime in October.