Another European Company Moves Near Atlanta Airport

Dec 9, 2012

For the second time this year, a European company keeps its North American headquarters in Metro Atlanta but moves it near Atlanta’s airport.

First, it was German-based Porsche. Now, it’s Triumph Motorcycles.

The Tiger, according to Triumph, is one of the company's adventure bikes. Triumph is moving its North America headquarters from Newnan to Hartsfield Centre.

Triumph is based in the United Kingdom. Its North American headquarters were in Newnan, about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta. There the company focused on sales but also deliveries for parts and accessories.

“We had a large warehouse attached to our office in Newnan, which we no longer need,” said Triumph North America CEO Greg Heichelbech. He says the company no longer needed the warehouse because it now pays UPS to handle deliveries.

So, the company started to look for office space where it could focus solely on sales. Heichelbech says Triumph settle on an office building at Hartsfield Centre next to the airport.

Because of the proximity to the airport, Heichelbech says the location is more convenient for motorcycle dealers who fly in to talks to Triumph about selling their motorcycles.

Recently, Porsche broke ground on its new North American facility near the airport as it moves from Sandy Springs.