Air Travel Gets Back to Normal in Atlanta

Dec 27, 2012

Air travel is nearly back to normal at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Thursday. Wednesday a massive winter storm in the Northeast caused a large number of delays and cancelations at the airport. 


The winter storm affected a small number of flights at the airport this morning. That was the case with Southwest Airlines, which had at least 8 cancelations from cities scheduled to arrive in Atlanta from the Northeast.

Michelle Agnew is a spokesperson for the air carrier.

“Most of those flights were coming out Hartford, Cleveland and Buffalo, and a number of those flights were going into the Atlanta market, so we did have to cancel a few of those from the winter storm. Now our operation is running normal, and we’ve been able to reaccommodate our customers out of those cities.”

But Agnew recommends travelers continue to check the airlines’ website for the latest flight information. Atlanta-based Delta Airlines also experienced a limited number of delays and cancelations Thursday morning as a result of the winter storm. But the airline is back to a full schedule.