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Actress Returns To ‘Mardi Gras Party’ Of Atlanta’s Dragon Con

Aug 12, 2015


Erin Gray is making another visit to Atlanta's Dragon*Con conference.
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She’s best-known to some of her fans as “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's” Col. Wilma Deering, and to others as "Silver Spoons'”Kate Summers.

But for a certain cadre of science fiction and fantasy devotees who flock to Atlanta at the start of each fall, Erin Gray is simply Erin Gray.

The actress will be returning to the Dragon Con extravaganza over Labor Day weekend.

On “City Lights,” Gray spoke with host Lois Reitzes and PBA producer Jack Walsh, director of “Four Days at Dragon Con.”

Gray’s appearance in Atlanta will once again include her giving several tai chi demonstrations. She’s a certified master in the field.

Her workshop is among the many components of a conference that has expanded far beyond its original scope. Dragon Con is expected to draw more than 60,000 people.

Gray talked about her organization "Heroes for Hire," traveling to conventions and more on "City Lights."