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Actor And Author Stephen Tobolowsky On 'Adventures With God'

May 4, 2017

Stephen Tobolowsky may well be among your favorite actors, but you don’t necessarily associate his name with his face. Maybe that’s because he becomes his characters, which is the essence of a great character actor.

On the big screen, Tobolowsky memorably portrayed insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in “Groundhog Day.” His television credits include roles in “Glee,” “The Goldbergs,” “The Mindy Project” and “Heroes.” Currently, you may recognize him as Jack Barker on HBO’s tech start-up send-up, “Silicon Valley.”

Stephen is also an author, and on “City Lights” he spoke with Lois Reitzes about his new memoir, “My Adventures with God.” The book is divided into sections, with Tobolowsky mirroring the path of his own life with that of the Torah. It sounds like a presumptuous premise at first blush, but it’s Tobolowsky's self-deprecation, honesty, wit and charm that make the book so approachable.  

“When I started writing these stories, I learned what a moron I’d been in my life at almost every turn," Tobolowsky told Reitzes. "I find amusement in how many bad decisions I’ve made, and at every turn I get even more surprised at how I was rescued by some kind of love, and, dare I say, something invisible.

"As I wrote this book, I felt more in touch with how we are shaped by the invisible, and I’d like to call it the divine – other people can call it whatever they want.”

Tobolowsky speaks tonight at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta at 7:30. You can catch him on “Silicon Valley” Sunday evenings at 10 on HBO. His memoir “My Adventures with God” is now out in wide release.