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Erin Wright

Radio Producer

Erin Wright produces "City Lights" and "Strike Up the Band." After studying viola, German and Musicology at UGA, Erin began working at Public Broadcasting Atlanta in 2011. 

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Courtesy of Village Theatre

We all fear dementia. Who wouldn't? It's not well-understood, and the condition is indiscriminate: 5.4 million people in the United States alone are living with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.

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Erin Wright / WABE

Spivey Hall brings world-renowned, mostly classical and jazz artists to Atlanta, and Spivey takes on the world in another way as well – with its fourth annual Summer World Music Festival.

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"City Lights" host Lois Reitzes learned more from Spivey education manager Melanie Darby and featured performer Aly Camara, a West African percussionist.

Courtesy of Village Theatre

Friday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

cover credit HarperCollins; photo credit Eva Blue

Novelist and “Bad Feminist” author Roxane Gay is out with a new book called “Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body.”

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In this deeply personal memoir, Gay writes about her complicated relationship with her weight and self-image, while drawing parallels to our larger cultural obsession with appearance and presence, especially when it concerns women.

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Thursday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":