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An orangutan who communicated with researchers using sign language has died at Zoo Atlanta. Chantek was 39.

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On its website, Zoo Atlanta says Chantek died Monday. The cause of death isn't known, but the zoo says veterinarians had been treating him for progressive heart disease.

Chantek came to the zoo in 1997 at the age of 19.

Ga. College's Reckoning Stirs Memories Of Nooses, Hazing, Pain

Aug 8, 2017
Blastoids / Wikimedia Commons

Even now, the sound of a drum can carry Lori Morton back to Macon and a night of terror at Wesleyan College more than two decades ago.

With a bass drum pounding a steady beat, young women in hooded robes and face paint — and nooses around their necks — rounded up her and other first-year students.

Morton, who is African-American, was two weeks into her freshman year. She had no prior warning about what was coming that fall night in 1991 as she and other students, some black, some white, huddled in the darkness. Suddenly, a figure in a purple robe rode up on horseback.

David Goldman / Associated Press

On a sweltering 90-plus degree summer day at the Braves' new ballpark, the Irvine siblings were armed with one option to battle the sun and unrelenting heat while sitting in the seats behind the right field wall: refrigerated cup holders.

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"This is the way a game should be" enjoyed, said Olivia Irvine, who usually sits on the third base line. "The 'Koozies' are great too."

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On an early morning 50 years ago, Jackson County Solicitor General Floyd Hoard walked out of his Jefferson home, climbed into his Ford Galaxy, turned the ignition, and died when dynamite blew the car into a mangled mess.

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Hoard became the victim of an angry, vengeful bootlegger.

The 50th anniversary of the most notorious crime in Jackson County history is being observed Monday.

Matt Rourke / Associated Press file

A Georgia university's law school is creating a legal clinic focused on military veterans.

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Officials at the University of Georgia School of Law say the clinic is funded by a donation from alumnus James Butler.